October 1, 2010

Look around, Leaves are brown

And the sky is a hazy shade of winter. 

Only its 75 degrees outside.  And raining.  What's the deal, nature?  I'm not one of those wussies who complains about the weather, because really, what's more boring?  Aside from listening to someone talk about his workout; that's infinitely more boring than the weather.    No, my issue is a more practical one:  I don't know what to wear. My trusty waterproof jacket and wellies are great at keeping moisture out, and in, as in when I stand on the still hot from the summer subway platform in all that rubber and Tyvek and Gore-Tex(TM) my body temp rises until I'm sweating like a pig at a BBQ.  Waterproof doesn't breathe!  It's too sweaty for sweaters, yet folks still rocking their light and bright summer gear look foolish, as the days have grown short and the light is now more flattering on greys, browns and russets than bright pinks, yellows and greens.  It's put me in a quandary Jack Donaghy! A quandary!

One thing I've not done is slow up on my knitting.  It's still prohibitively warm for me, or anyone else, to wear the things that I've made, but I've kept at it.  My tenacity has had more to do with my wanting to work through some of my stash as anything else.  As of late, it has become more burdensome than inspiring, and so I am lightening my load.  In addition to these various projects, I also took three shopping bags of yarn to the Goodwill and, man, was there a spring in my step when I'd finished that errand.

So what have I made?

Pattern: Ottilia Mittens, by Mari Muinonen
Yarn: Lion Brand Fisherman Wool
Needles: 4.0mm
Started: August 21
Finished:  August 27

I've been a fan of Mari Muinonen's patterns for a couple of years now but this is only the second one I've ever knit.  The mittens were fun and interesting, completed while I was dogsitting at a home with cable television, so there was a lot of The First 48 going on in the background.  The yarn (I used maybe 1/4 of a skein) is more from our spring time yarn swap.  I've really been feeling the brown lately, and cables, too.  Actually, what I've been feeling texture, in general, to wit:

Pattern: Martha Cowl Scarf, by Che (Little Thingies Ravelry Shop)
Yarn: Unknown cotton or cotton/wool blend
Hook: 5.5mm
Started: September 23
Finished: September 24

This was, I believe, my third attempt at making a chunky cowl, and the first one that was successful.  In order to be functional, a cowl needs to keep you warm, but most of cowls knit or crocheted with heavier yarns, and some worked at finer gauges, sit away from the neck leaving it exposed.  This is nonsense! If it's cold enough for me to wear something thick and heavy around my neck, then my neck needs protection.  it's not rocket science.  And yet I continue to see a proliferation of patterns that offer no protection from the elements whatsoever.  It's ridonkulous.

Well, that's certainly not a problem here. 

Crocheted with heavier yarn, the simple and airy stitch pattern prevents this cowl from being too stiff to scrunch , so I can double wrap it 'round my neck and keep cozy and warm.  Yes, please!

This next project was something that had been sitting in my queue for over year, but I never had quite the right yarn for it.  Until I frogged a 3/4 finished and poorly conceived sweater this past summer and found myself with just the right shade of alpaca.

Pattern: Some Cloudy Day, by Tiny Owl Knits
Yarn: Sajima Alpaca
Needles: 3.25mm/3.5mm
Started: August 25
Finished: September 4

I had originally planned on making these for me, but about 1/2 way through the first legwarmer, I decided they were for Beth.  I'd sent hats to her husband and twins in Sweden last summer, but nothing for her (she's had my handknits before, so it's not as bad as it sounds), and so it seemed clear that she was next in line for a present.  Also, like me, she wears skirts all winter long (clogs, too!) so I knew she would appreciate the extra layer of warmth.  

These are pretty great, and by that I mean the pattern is pretty great.  Like Mari Muinonen, Tiny Owl Knits has designed several patterns that I really like, but this was the first one I'd made.  The lace pattern is easy, but effective and I enjoyed these so much that I promptly turned around and bought one of her hat patterns.  Let's see if I can get that finished before New Year's.


Oiyi said... Best Blogger Tips

Those leg warmers are so pretty! It makes me want to make a pair. I love the grey color because it's versatile.

Yeah, this weather is killing me. Those weeks of early Fall was just a tease.

craftivore said... Best Blogger Tips

Whoa, that is a serious load of FOs! All wonderful neutrals with lovely textures. I like the chunky cowl I made last year it doesn't gape at the neck, but yours is more stylish than mine. And even though I lived through the first round of legwarmers and therefore can't stop thinking of Flashdance when I see them, I have been very tempted by that same pattern. I could see them sticking out of a pair of short boots. Yours will be loved, I'm sure.

littlebirdbigcity said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow! You're a busy beaver. I really like the cowl, it looks so soft and cozy. I know what you mean about the weather. It's a problem when you bike everywhere, too. I can't go out in my rain gear, lest I plan on sweating through all of my clothes. Instead, I have to show up to work and social events soaked through from the rain.

Sayschnicklefritz said... Best Blogger Tips

Peeking out of short boots is perfect!Dreamy! Just what the doctor ordered.

Littlebird: PDX showed me nothing. but it's sunny side. It was delightful. All of the bikers did make me think of you, though :(

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

i love how your martha cowl scarf turned out! i can't seem to track down the pattern anywhere though. (all the links are broken.) any chance you'd be able to send me the pdf? thanks! (jessicashank [at] gmail dot com)

Anneke Naves said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm looking for the pattern for the martha cowl too! the pattern has been taken off of Ravelry :( if you could send me the pdf (if you have it) that would be awesome!!! anneke.naves@gmail.com