June 23, 2010


I thought I could control it.


But they're multiplying!

Can't be stopped!

Pattern: Crochet Flowers and Leaves, by Lucy of Attic 24
Yarn:  Drops Safran, Rowan 4-ply Cotton, Rowan Glace, Blue Sky Alpaca Skinny Cotton
Hook: 3.25mm

June 10, 2010

Vacation, all I ever wanted

You'll not often hear me complain about the weather, but I kind of especially love summer.  It's also my favorite time to visit my family.  Some poeple like Christmas, but I think that, as get-together occasion, it's kind of awful.  Airports are crowded, people are stressed, there's so much pressure.  Ugh.  But when I go to see my peeps during the summer, and it's invariably awesome.  My family's a lot of fun in general, but it's touching how they go out of their way to show me a good time when I visit. 

We like to eat and we're not opposed to bending an elbow, so this year there was a fish fry and a barbecue, several rhubarb desserts and the new Grain Belt beer.

Despite some record breaking heat (97 deg. one day,  which is bonkers for Minnesota in May), I spent a lot of time outside going for runs and walks.

One ambitious day I went running in the wetlands behind my Aunt Irene's house and ended up on my great-great-great grandfather's homestead, the place where he and his family settled when they came to Minnesota from Ohio.  That was pretty neat.  There's a grade school and water tower there now.  Could be worse (think strip mall).

Despite being there for a week and bringing THREE projects with me, I got very little knitting done.


I was having too much fun, I guess, with godsons

And friends


The feeling was mutual.