May 16, 2011

The Sweet Relief of Baby Knitting

I'm moving soon, half-way across the country, and all of the planning and upheaval has me a bit upended.  To wit: I've been knitting very little.  Or, very little relatively speaking.  I'm spazzy and unfocused and philosophical and OBSESSED with Lifetime Movie Network moviews, so the knitting has slowed down.   I have finished several projects, but haven't been able to get them photographed, with the exception of this one:

The project itself says a lot about where my head's been at.  It's a baby sweater (tiny), finished in 1 1/2 days so very little attention needed.  It's one color, one skein, largely garter stitch and almost seamless.  It was also made for friends in my soon to be new home of Minneapolis.  There's a lot of metadata embedded in this one, wee project.

Pattern: Leaf Pattern Set, by Jeannine LaRoche
Yarn: Berroco Remix
Needles: 3.5 & 3.75mm
Start: April 23
Finish: April 24

I really, really enjoyed working up this pattern.  It's a top down construction, so I started with the leaf pattern at teh neck, which required some, but not intense, focus, and then cruised down, almost mindlessly, through the rest of the sweater.  Although I ordered this yarn special for this project from Webs, I can't take credit for the color selection.  Oiyi made this sweater several years ago in pretty much the same color, and I thought it looked so fresh and sweet without an ounce of presciousness.  Berroco Remix is a great yarn, made of recycled silk, cotton and wool, the combination of which results in machine washable yarn that has a tweedy texture with none of the itch of tweed; perfect for a summer baby sweater. I'll be using it again, fo sho.

Soon after I finished the sweater Target launched it's Calypso collaboration line, for which I went nuts.  In addition to the silk tunics, linen jumpsuit and dresses I bought for myself, I picked up a this adorable dress, which is going to the same little girl coming this July.

I love them together.  Now, get her a pair of Saltwater sandals and she's set!