September 4, 2010


After making my second trip to the farmers' market to buy more peaches (get 'em while you can!), I stopped in the Brooklyn Flea to browse and maybe get a little snack.  I certainly didn't expect to find this:

What?!?  Here I've been trying to destash, simplify, use what I have, and then I find 18 cones of beautiful cotton.  Apparently the vendor found them in front of the Met, which is bizarro, but all I could think was "hexagons, washcloths, bathroom curtain."  $55 later, they were mine.  Sometimes you can't let a good thing pass you by.

September 1, 2010

How do you beat the heat?

Me? I like to knock back a cool one. Or two.

If you doubt that it's hot, just check out the sweat on my brow.  September 1st and 95 degrees.  What?  Did I break my wrist?  No, that's not a cast. Those are just some fingerless mitts I crocheted for myself a while back.

Pattern: Marry Me Mary, by Janette Millbom
Yarn: unknown (recycled from a sweater)
Hook: F/3.75mm
Started: August 17
Finished:  August 18

I have a lot of dark winter accessories and have been wanting to add some lighter and brighter items, so this yarn fit the bill.  It was 3/4's of a Phildar sweater before I realized I was making the wrong size and didn't have enough yarn to finish the sweater anyway,  so I ripped out and started a couple of projects, this being the first completed.  It's more marled white and tan than it appears in these pictures and I'm not sure about the yarn content, but my guess is a cotton/poly blend.  I'd call it a worsted weight, so I worked the pattern it with a small needle so that the fabric would be dense and stiff.

The pattern is a modified Catherine's Wheel, and I had a really rough time picking it up.  I read the pattern, I read other versions of the stitch, I watched videos.  After about three hours I finally got it down.  It was one of the most frustrating crochet experiences I've ever had, but I felt really good once I finally got it down.  The mitts are crocheted back and forth rather than in the round, so they had to be seamed.  I decided that I wanted a visible seam, and so crocheted them together rather than sewing.

A mi me gustan!