October 11, 2010

What's a finger got to do to get some love?

I need to get a new schtick, because this shit is getting old.  Not that I don't like what I'm making, but I'm starting to feel like a freak with a one track mind: fingerless mitts.  And yet I can't. Tear. Myself. Away.

This first pair here I designed myself using some sock weight yarn someone had donated to me and a DK weight wool/cashmere blend left over from a sweater I knit this fall (photos to come when buttons have been sewn on).  I guess that's one of the advantages to making lots of the same thing: you learn enough about construction to be able to work with different needles and yarns, improvise and make something that fits.

Pattern: Latte Mitts, by me
Yarn: Brunswick Pomfret (tan); Zealana Eco Cashmere Merino Blend (dark brown)
Needles: 3.25mm
Started: September 20
Finished: September 23

When I decided to make these, I knew that I wanted to do something simple, but with a little design element, something that would be easy for me to knit on the subway and that wouldn't require a ton of concentration.  A little bit of texture by way of garter stitch on a stockinette background seemed like a good way to go, and the brown on tan just felt right for the fall. I mean, camel is all the rage this season, n'est ce pas?  And all in all, I'm really happy with the way they turned out.  Functional and subtly stylish.

Originally these were going to be a gift for a friend in Minnesota, but I've changed my mind.  The Latte Mitts will go to a friend in Oregon, and the mitts below will go to Minnesota, for what seem to me to be obvious reasons.

Chunky and cozy, these are better suited to fall and late winters in Minnesota than the Latte Mitts.  When it gets a bit colder, but before it turns bitter cold, they can be worn over an inexpensive pair of stretchy gloves, the kind you can get at Target for $2.  Again, pretty on-trend as far as color goes, and also with little bit of texture.  Me like.

Pattern: Rippled Cable Gloves by Linda Lunn
Yarn:Lion Brand Fisherman Wool
Needles: 4.0mn & 5.0mm
Start: September 29
Finish: October 8

You want to talk satisfying knits?  These totally fit the bill.  Easy pattern, not too fussy, a larger gauge (for a change)  smooth yarn with a touch of lanolin and a subtle texture that screams "I'm really cozy!!!". What makes these cables so lovely to my eyes is that they are so soft, and they are soft because they're not set off by twisted or purled stitches.  It's just cabling on a stockinette background, and the result is something distinctly feminine but not sissified or fussy (there's that word, again). In these one could ice skate or walk the dog or grab a pail or pick a couple of squash for dinner or help pitch a tent.  And hopefully one will.

p.s. True color is closest to the last photo, fyi.  Blast that direct sunlight!


Erin Joy said... Best Blogger Tips

All Hail the Fisherman's wool. Love it. My first sweater is almost done and it's made of the undyed kind with a smidgen of the dark brown. I mean - tons of yardage for less than ten dollars? Yes! Love the Latte mitts - super cute!

littlebirdbigcity said... Best Blogger Tips

You are an animal! I can't believe how fast you pump these projects out! Jealous much? Yes. Yes I am.

craftivore said... Best Blogger Tips

I've been thinking fingerless mitts this week too, however I don't have TWO(!!!) FOs to show for it. I adore the first ones in particular. Did you use any wrist shaping? And what kind of thumb is that? I'm trying to decide whether I should do a thumb gusset or be shamed into using a sore thumb by Anna Zilboorg's books.

Sayschnicklefritz said... Best Blogger Tips

Fisherman Wool yeah!
I did decrease a bit for the wrists, but I also increased for the hands. I made gussets for the thumbs, not sure if they have a name, but it was just: k to marker, sm, m1, k to marker, m1, sm every other round until they seemed to be the right size.
I wrote up my notes here: http://www.ravelry.com/projects/SheBakesCakes/latte-mitts

Oiyi said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm jealous also that you can crank out those fingerless mitts! Awesome! You are a machine, woman.

Yarny Days said... Best Blogger Tips

Lady. You know that is a crazy amount of knitting. I love the first pair of mittens. Thanks for the notes...