May 7, 2009

Derby Day and the aftermath

Last Saturday was the Kentucky Derby and my friends Dawn and Josh had a party, as they do every year। It's been my experience that folks who throw Derby parties really go all out. I don't know what I liked best: the Mint Juleps, the fried pie or the cheesy grits. There were an incredible number of children, for what is always a boozy event, but they were cute, even the one who peed in the garden.

Too many Mint Juleps combined with a rainy Sunday meant I bailed on my plan to run 12 miles. Instead, I stayed at home listening to The Tennessee Border Show, a country, western and western swing program on WKCR, the Columbia University radio station. And I finished this:

It's Baktus, designed by the Norwegian knitter Strikkelise, and making the rounds on Ravelry. I stayed up much later than is typical for me, because I really wanted to finish it before my birthday on Monday. And I did. And it was good.
The pattern is easy and and works up quickly. I used two skeins of
Be Sweet Bamboo, which is incredibly soft. Be Sweet is an interesting company that works with job creation programs in South Africa focused on supporting the efforts of local artisans. I ran a bit short on the black skein, but I'm not bothered. I'm very happy with the length, look, feel and drape of the scarf.