March 13, 2011


I have a secret that's not so secret if you know me well.  I can stress out about anything.  Before leaving for Mexico, I had a quiet freak out about packing.  Too much? Too little?  More tops?  Fewer skirts?  How many swim suits (for the record, I packed and wore 4).  When I freak like this, it's quiet and internal, my mind races, I move quickly and bump into things. I am, quite literally, spazzing.

I never spazz in Mexico.  I think it's impossible for me to freak out there.  Being in Mexico always feels so comfortable and familiar.  It's not that I've spent an extraordinary amount of time there, but there's a vibe about Mexico that agrees with me, and heading there for vacation is like dream time.

On the flight down we were upgraded to Business class.
I am, therefore, enjoying a V&T.
 The impetus for this trip was a friend's birthday.  Seven of us flew down, for the sand, sun and food.

We were responsible sun worshipers, all of us heavily armored with SPF and some of worshiping from the shade. 

I started with SPF 15 and quickly upgraded to 30 (body) and 55 (face).  The sun was intense.I brought a crochet project with me, thinking I'd have all this downtime at the beach, I'd surely get bored.  Oh, no.  I didn't crochet a single row.  Instead I read Jackie Collins trash (Poor Little Bitch Girl, which I highly recommend)  

and stared at the sea.

Was it all fun? Pretty much.

But there was some expanding of cultural horizons.  I learned a lot, more than I can recount here so let's just say the Mayan's were pretty incredible.

And there were some physical activities.  Snorkeling, anyone?

I've been back for over a week now, and, true to form, have started stressing.  About unimportant weird things, like projects I want to finish, blog entries not written, photos not taken.  It's not totally out of left field;  I've got a lot to do before I move at the end of May, so my mind's started buzzing.  When this happens, I can get compulsive about my knitting and crocheting, so I'm trying to be conscious of this and calm myself.  "Calmate . . .," is what a Spanish speaking friend would tell me, "calmate."  So instead of racing to the finish, I'm working, calmly on this.

It will be done when it's done, and until then, it will just be fun.


little said... Best Blogger Tips

Ohhh, Mexico looks beautiful! A well deserved vacation. I want to go snorkeling so badly......someday! Don't stress out too much (not that I'm one to talk). You can do it. You always do! Just one step at a time.

Jessica said... Best Blogger Tips

This was a very helpful post for me, Rebecca, as I'm heading to Mexico two weeks from today and currently spend some portion of every day thinking about how many swimsuits to pack! Glad you had a good time and have managed to weave the calmness from your vacation back into your every day life.