June 4, 2009

Making the best of the situation at hand

Summer has been slow to fully reveal itself in New York this year; I don't think we've had more than five days of warm and sunny weather at a stretch. I don't usually complain about weather, but it's true that it can be a bit of a drag when you're longing to put on a sun dress, ride your bike to the park and lie in the sun. But, what can one do? Make the best of the situation at hand, that's what! See this lady here:

I saw her on my way to work and thought "That's how to do it!" So sunny, so bright and so sensible! No "rainy days and Mondays always get me down," for her. I don't normally accost strangers asking for a photo, but how could I just let her pass by? Seeing her completely turned my mood around.

I hope you enjoy your weekend, whatever the weather.