June 17, 2009

Knitting Fall for Summer

Like the movie Day for Night, about a French film crew filming nighttime scenes in daylight, I have been knitting fall gear for use this summer. First a hat, and now these fingerless mitts:

One of the inspirations for working these up in such short order was this weekend's trip to Cape Cod. I'll be tending to Megan and David's children while they attend his sister Katie's wedding. It's supposed to be chilly and rain all weekend, so I'll need some protection from the elements. However, the mitts made their debut a bit earlier than expected, on the 17th of June. That's right, it was cold enough here in NYC to wear both a heavy cashmere sweater and fingerless mittens in the middle of June, which kind of freaks me out. The nip in the air did not, however, stop the Fort Greene/Clinton Hill Knitting & Crochet Group, now one year old, from meeting up at Habana Outpost for the third week in a row. The idea was to have some snacks and bevvies and sit in the sun, working on our projects and people watch. Well, for two weeks we've been relegated to sitting inside (because of the rain) eating snacks, drinking bevvies and people watching. And then this week, we had a glorious respite during which it was finally dry enough for us to perch at an outdoor table. Let me tell you, the place was hopping! I think folks were happy to have a dry night on which they could get out and mingle, circulate and feel a little foxy.

Several members of the group deemed it "too cold to knit" once the sun went down. I persevered, ordered another beer and pulled on my mitts. It was a bit awkward going, as the mitts interfered somewhat with my ability to feel the hook (I was crocheting, a secret project which will be revealed in a couple of weeks), but it was not impossible to press on, so press on I did.

Somewhat Ribbed Fingerless Mitts (heavily modified) by Anne Campbell
2.75mm needles
Koigu KPPM, D1050471
Started: June 12
Finished: June 16
Oh, and if you're ever in the area, I highly recommend Habana Outpost's grilled corn. Sarah thinks it's delicious!


Oiyi said... Best Blogger Tips

The mitts look really nice. The colors complimented your outfit that night.

You are a trooper! I didn't think it was cold until we started walking home.

Hehehehe...cute picture of Sarah. Thank goodness it doesn't show too much of my bald spot. The corn looks so good in the first pic behind your hands. Yummo!