July 20, 2010

A boy's best friend is his mother

At least that's what Mrs. Bates always told Norman.

I rememebr the first time I ever saw Psycho, it as a sunny Saturday afternoon when I was about 12.  That it was the afternoon is significant, because it cut down dramatically on the terror and suspense which characterizes the film.  It's hard to be creeped out when the sun is shining and birds are chirping and your mother's in the kitchen cleaning with Pine Sol.  And while I didn't find the movie to be particularly terrifying, it was creepy, especially Norman's man-boy schtick and his creepy semi-sexual relationship with his mother.  You don't have to be a Jungian psychoanlyst to know that their relationship was simply not healthy. She was controlling, he was dependent.  In a word, they were too close.

Pattern: Daphne and Delilah, the Momma and Baby Monster, by Rebecca Danger
Yarn: Caron Simply Soft rites (green), Red Heart Super Saver Solids (purple)
Needles: US 5/3.75mm
Started: July 7
Finished: July 9

I started little Mother and Norman Bates right after I finished Joan and Christina Crawford.  I had no recepient in mind; I was just working with an eye towards reducing my stash.  As it turned out, my friend Jum needed a baby gift to send to some friends in Italy, so these guys will be headed over the Atlantic pretty soon.  Jim was worried about the button eyes being a choking hazard, so I duplicate stitched the eyes inetsad.  The yelow and squarish shape gives them an alien vibe, which I like.  One of fun things about making toys instead of garments is that improvisation is easier and the results seldom ruinous.


In this era of helicopter parenting, folks sometimes have a hard time distinguishing where their needs end and their children's begin.  Let the Bates family serve as a cautionary tale.  Don't think it's possible to be "too close" with your child?  Well, then, please watch this:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U8CGFF3rlSo&feature=related


Erin Joy and Sarah Jane said... Best Blogger Tips

Who can resist such stripey goodness? Even Mrs. Bates would have approved...Reee Reee Reee Reee!

littlebirdbigcity said... Best Blogger Tips

Haha! That's adorable. Nice job with the stripes!

Yarny Days said... Best Blogger Tips

This is just awesomeness!