April 19, 2010

Too sweet to be sour, to nice to be mean

I made a couple of purchases the other day.

Totally accidental, I swear.

I bought the yarn Friday afternoon at the new Purl Soho store on Broom.  Their new space is beautiful and roomy, and while I wasn't intending to make a purchase, the Koigu was 40% off. And those pinks and yellows were begging to be paired with a solid and turned into a pair of striped socks.  I cannot wait.

I'd also had it in  my mind that I needed a pair of walking to work shoes, something cuter and zippier than my white New Balance, which give me a distinctly Working Girl vibe when paired with a work outfit, rather than  running shorts as intended.  So into store after store on lower Broadway we went, searching for something with the right vibe, and low and behold, we found them. The last pair, in my size, discounted by $110.  Yes, all that lovely for $29.99. They're loud and crazy and intergallactic and I love them.

So: pink and orange in full effect.  The heart wants what the heart wants.

On a discinctly less springy tip, I made this lovely a couple of weekends ago:

I started it the night that I returned from the mondo yarn swap and finished it the next day. The yarns are all worsteds and aran weights, so it wasn't too much work, but I did work pretty furiously.  I think it was a means of coping with the overwhelming amount of yarn I found myself staring at.  I wanted something that would eat up a few skeins immediately and make me feel as though I'd made a dent towards stash reduction.  I'd also been wanting to make a granny square inspired shawl for a long time, so this was kind of perfect.

Pattern: 106-40 Shawl by Drops/Garn Studio
Yarn: Misasol Miski, Ístex Plötulopi, GGH Bel Air and several others
Hook: 5.0mm/H

I'd estimate that this took me 6 hours total, so not too bad.  I wet blocked it, as I do with almost every thing I make, and it grew by about 10%.  The fabric is neither stiff nor flaccid, so I'm happy with the tension I used.  And it's the slightest but rough, but I don't mind.  A little texture makes it feel old-fashioned and traditional, which I like.  The colors put me in mind of both a cold Scandinavian winter morning, or a rainy Portland fall day. Cozy.

Speaking of Scandinavia, Iceland has been much in the news this week, so I thougt I would take this opportunity to remind you of what is probably that nation's most famous export.  More enjoyable than volcanic ash, that's for sure.


littlebirdbigcity said... Best Blogger Tips

What a deal!!! You totally scored. That scarf is awesome! I love the colorway. Looks scrumptious!
And that Bjork video, how have I forgotten about it for so long? I love her. She's so cute in that hairdo.

Oiyi said... Best Blogger Tips

Those sneakers are hot! And what an awesome bargain.

A couple of us met at Purl Soho before going to Judy's on Sunday. Maybe I am still feeling overwhelmed by my stash, but none of the yarn enticed me. The needlepoint canvases were really cool, but $$$$$! I can see why you say needlepoint is expensive. It makes cross-stitching seems like pennies.

Erin Joy and Sarah Jane said... Best Blogger Tips

Not even Mr. Roboto had such awesome sneakers.

craftivore said... Best Blogger Tips

Those sneakers are awesome! I have to say that they outshine the Koigu. How in the world can they have such a mondo sale on Koigu? Love the crocheted scarf, but Damson is incredible.

Shameka said... Best Blogger Tips

I love the sneakers. Rock it girl, ROCK THE MESS OUT OF IT!

And the yarn color is just gorgeous.!