December 9, 2009

We look nothing alike, and yet

And yet I know this scarf will be brilliant on me. I know it! In just these colors.

Simple, pretty, bright.
I think it's because we both have yellow undertones to our skin. My friend Yukiko is Japanese American and while we look nothing alike, we share the same color palate to a T. When she still lived in New York, we could always share lipstick and often clothing (tops only, as I have about 6 inches on her in the height department). It's fun having a palate-twin, kind of like being blood sisters when you're 9 years old.
Here we are a week from Christmas and I'm fantasizing about what I want and what will look good on me. Hmm. I'm not a greedy person, nor am I a narcissist. I think I've been so consumed with holiday knitting that I'm fantasizing about what I'll do for myself when the season is finished as a little mental escape. If I'm being honest, I have to admit that all of this crafting truly is for me, since it makes me happy and proud to make these things for my loved ones. Still, there are a lot of amazing patterns out there which I feel are watermarked with my name, and my chubby fingers are itching to get started!
And the scarf? I found it at Garn, a Danish on-line yarn store to which I'll be returning. Oh, yes, I shall return. Mwwa aaa aaa aaaa!


Jess Brown said... Best Blogger Tips

I've already declared that in 2010 I will only be knitting for me! When I learned to knit about two years ago, the one thing I really, really wanted to learn to knit was socks. And, since learning, I have knit socks for everyone in my family and many friends and have yet to knit any socks for myself -- although I have collected many cool patterns and TONS of sock yarn. So, 2010 is all about hand-knits for Jess. Although, with the ongoing proliferation of babies, on which my friends seem to insist, I will probably feel the pull to knit some baby items. In all seriousness, I absolutely agree that much of the joy of knitting is putting so much time, effort and love into making someone for something else. But now I want some of that good stuff for myself! Plus, I have also had to come to terms with the fact that recipients of hand-knit gifts often don't fully appreciate the effort it takes to knit something. Nonetheless, still fun to give...

So, I rarely spend much time on Ravelry but did so recently and was perusing the Carleton group and recognized no one but you and was intrigued to discover that you have a blog, so I checked it out. Love it! And the next time you go to WEBS, please let me know! I've never been and it can't be any further of a drive from NH than it is from Brooklyn.

Take care, Jess Brown

littlebirdbigcity said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm fantasizing hard about what I'll soon be knitting for meself. I'm so excited! At least the holiday season has kicked my butt into gear, now i'm a knittin fool again!

Sayschnicklefritz said... Best Blogger Tips

Jess: Do it to it! An all for you knit year will be so satisfying! I'm so glad you found me!

LittleBird: I've seen that you're back in the knitting groove. Yay! I always love to see what you cook up.

Erin Joy and Sarah Jane said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm so with you! I had so much fun buying yarn for others - but I'm really looking forward to the prospect of doing some yarn shopping for myself!!! It isn't selfish - it's necessary!

sarah said... Best Blogger Tips

that scarf is fantastic! At first I thought it was knit and I thought you were insane for casting on that many stitches but basically it is just 1/15th of a large crocheted afghan no?

My winter is going to be all about making sweaters for Sarah since I just discovered I have no cold weather sweaters and only two warm weather ones (i think i have a thing for the very fast quick results patterns). So this winter is a knit a sweater a month mmmmmm maybe a KASEMTW (knit a sweater each month this winter) in crazy internet knitting project terms.

Except then I just realized Owen needs more longies and really some sweater vests and James needs birthday socks and we all need some felted clogs. Arrgghh! will I ever get to knit a large project for me? I'm so distractible by the little stuff.

Oiyi said... Best Blogger Tips

Hurray for knitting for yourself! You definitely deserve it.